Vicco von Voss has been making things for most of his life.


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The essence of my work is in relationships: My spiritual connection to trees, my understanding of the nature of wood, my collaborative partnership with my clients, and my unique creative process with each piece, all reflect my vision and mission as an artist.


When I design a Commission, my ambition is to create a piece, which harmonizes with my clients' lifestyle. In order to do this it is important for me to meet with the clients, visit the home, review any architectural plans already completed, and discuss in detail the clients' hopes and dreams. It is important to discuss the variety of wood species available. Like people, wood has personalities. It is important to find the wood that speaks and harmonizes with each client. The wood selection process will take place in my shop or wood storage facilities.

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YouTube video Short Documentary In preparation for my Academy Art Museum exhibit, Kurt Kolaja produced a short documentary about my philosophy and work, including a clock which is one of ...


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