Vicco von Voss has been making things for most of his life. Born in Kiel Germany, Vicco was greatly influenced by both his grandfathers. His maternal grandfather was a forester, and woodcarver who inspired Vicco’s deep love of nature, understanding of trees and introduced him to the craft of woodworking. His paternal grandfather was an architect who worked in conjunction with Frank Lloyd Wright to re-build structures in post-war Hamburg Germany. Although Vicco was too young to remember his mother’s father, he has been told that he has inherited his sense of space and design.


After moving around the world throughout his childhood, including Europe, South Africa, Iran, and Brazil, Vicco moved to the US in his teenage years and found his way to Chestertown, Maryland to attend Washington College for his undergraduate education in Fine Art. After graduating in 1991, Vicco went on to complete a three-year formal carpentry apprenticeship in Hamburg Germany. During this period, he was greatly influenced by one artist in particular named Erich Brueggmann, who introduced him to the world of contemporary furniture making, and inspired him to design and build his own furniture, rather than go into restoration, which was his original course.


Vicco returned to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 1994, and has been living and working there ever since. In 2004, Vicco applied his furniture skills to construct a timber framed home, which he describes as a “big piece of furniture.” In  2010 he completed his dream of also building a custom timber frame workshop on his property. Vicco primarily uses local salvaged trees, which he then mills, and uses to produce his one of a kind, contemporary furniture designs.