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Short Documentary
In preparation for my Academy Art Museum exhibit, Kurt Kolaja produced a short documentary about my philosophy and work, including a clock which is one of the many pieces on display at the Academy Art Museum.



The Chestertown Spy
All Hands On Deck!— Floating Sculpture Readies for RiverFest



The Chestertown Spy
Arts Snapshot: Vicco von Voss Out of the Box at the Academy





YouTube video
Understanding the Subtleties of Wood
Lecture Series by Vicco




Vicco von Voss Featured on Voice of America!
Award winning documentarian June Soh has selected Vicco von Voss in her latest installment in a series featuring artists and craftsmen. The video focuses on The Seed Project.  This collaboration with Carla Massoni, long time friend and gallery owner allows Vicco the time and resources to prepare for his 2014 show at The Academy of Art Museum. The documentary also features one of the Seed patrons, Bill Ingersoll.

See the Video Here.

Enjoy the video and be sure to share this great news!




The Chestertown Spy
Spy Fortnightly Profile; In and Out of the Studio with Vicco von Voss