All Good Things…

Due to high winds and chop associated with Hurricane Joachim, Sankalpa ultimately failed and collapsed. Although we are all sad about this,  we have to remember it’s the process that counts. With severe wind and wave action, the structure endured until it found a weak link and then gave way. Our team knew that there were weak links and we tried to address all of them. But we also knew that this was a temporary structure and that only so much could be done. Sankalpa ended on its own terms. The structure was about setting Intension. It’s collapse symbolizes that we are not always in charge of the outcome. So we accept the turn of events and adjust accordingly – just as in life.


Sankalpa now has a new ending. Originally is was to be on display in the park next to the boat house. Now, we will have an opportunity to determine its final destiny. The opportunities are endless.


Stay tuned for find out about Sankalpa’s final home.


Below are photos documenting the rescue from the Chester River.


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