Ask and You Shall Receive

Ask and you shall receive

I am always challenged with the flattening process of big slabs in my shop. I built a router jig. Although this proved very effective, it was very time consuming.

I started my search for a 24” jointer. After contacting John M. , a machine dealer who tried to help me find one. After several contact attempts, I received a text from him. He offered me his 30” jointer which was sitting dormant in his warehouse. My obvious reply was “Yes”. He delivered the machine from Tennessee. This incredible pattern maker jointer had seen its last use about ten years ago. The paint pealing in big flakes gave that away.

As many of you know, I like to have things perfect in my shop, so prior to bringing the machine inside, we planned on painting it. Before we knew it, it turned into a complete restoration project. My volunteer Ed Birkmire diligently worked his way around the machine wire brushing every surface. All moving parts were cleaned and greased. Two broken castings hindered the progress. Another local craftsman stepped in and generously fixed these parts.

With new electrical components from John, we were up and running. The first 28”wide walnut slab was pushed across this giant after ten years of dormancy.

Enjoy the video.

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