The Seed Project is an artistic support network of philanthropists designed to fund the creative momentum of Vicco von Voss’s design and production of an entirely new body of work.


Vicco’s new sculptural designs will be featured in an exhibit at the Academy Art Museum in Easton, Maryland, within the Healy Gallery, in 2014, from mid-May through July.


The Seed Project patrons, or “Seed Patrons,” are friends, family, clients and supporters of Vicco. Seed Patrons are invited to loan a starting sum of one thousand dollars ($1000.00)* to Vicco and be part of this process funding the creation of a new body of work for the museum show .


This museum show allows Vicco a rare opportunity to embark on a creative and daring journey outside of the confines of his comfort zone. “I see this as an opportunity to explore my craft and develop a body of work that exceeds my present capabilities. My ambition is to produce furniture that brings all of my honed skills like milling, timber framing and furniture building together so that I can produce furniture that accentuates a sculptural feeling without compromising function.” Vicco’s new work will include a functional wooden clock, a chair and other functional sculptures.


As he builds this new body of work, progress reports will be emailed and gatherings will be held upon completion of a piece. This will allow Seed Patrons to be part of this “behind the scenes” journey and also give them access to purchasing any new piece before it’s shown to the public.


Upon completion of the museum show and of the final sale of the individual pieces in the collection, the patron’s investment will be refunded in entirety. It should be noted the return on investment (ROI) could be long term, as some pieces may not sell during the show. In this case, a small percent of interest will be paid on the investment until the piece is sold.


“Throughout history artists have depended upon the support of their community, and benefactors, in order to grow. Ultimately we invest in the worldview we value. For nearly two decades, I have had the privilege of knowing Vicco and watching him mature as an artist – spiritually, emotionally and aesthetically. Who knows what he will accomplish and what we might learn as we embark on this new adventure with him. For those who had the foresight to commission his early work, each ensuing success only increases the value of your initial investment.” Carla Massoni, Seed Project visionary and founding Seed Member.


“I am very excited about this new design process. Breaking out of my existing mold and producing new , stunning pieces is making me feel alive again in my work. Please come join me on this journey and let’s have some fun.” – Vicco von Voss





*Please contact either Carla Massoni 410-778-7330, or Vicco von Voss 410-708-4698,