Innovative Solution for a Frowning Slab!

Recently, I was working on a book match pair of walnut slabs for a counter top. After the initial jointing, one of the slabs got a server frown down the length of it. I pondered this dilemma trying to find a solution other than jointing the slab again. This would have left the pieces to thin.
The solution, even though experimental, was quite simple. I kurfed the bottom side where the bends were occurring with a circular saw (seen in blue). I then made walnut wedges and pounded them into the kurf. I pounded the wedges until the slab straightened out. Filling the kurf with epoxy locked in the wedges and kept the kurf at the desired width. Then after the epoxy set up, the wedges were cut flush. Jointing both slabs and gluing the two book matched pieces was easy after this procedure because I had two flat surfaces to work with.

IMG_2652 IMG_2657 IMG_2659 IMG_2655 IMG_2653

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