RiverFest 2015 Sculpture Construction

sculpture final**

The Chester RiverFest 2015 sponsored by Chester RiverArts | RiverFest and The Center for Environment and Society at Washington College is right around the corner. Jacqui and I were asked to develop a floating sculpture that will be on display in the Chester River during the Festival.  The solar powered sculpture will light up as the sun goes down and the full moon rises over the eastern shore of the Chester River. It will be a stunning spectacle to behold.

Along with the logistical and engineering support from Zane Carter and Ed Minch, we have a great crew of volunteers who are helping with construction. The rendering above by Zane Carter gives a good representation of what the final product will look like.

The images below show our progress on the sculpture.


Volunteers examine the first completed spar as they plan the lamination process.


Wren begins cutting the first of many plywood rings used to secure the spars and form the sculpture’s graceful curves.


Zane and Ed calculate the best locations for structural supports.


The team plots the dimensions of each piece and determines how to get the most out of each sheet of plywood.


Volunteers quickly devise an assembly line to streamline production.


Volunteers try in vain to “walk” the first heavy spire into an upright position.

Hoisting 1st spire

Vicco hoists the 24 ft. spire into position with a massive forklift/crane as crew stands 25 ft. back.

Crew with 1st spire

Tired and dirty, but pleased with their first day’s work, the proud crew poses with their trophy.

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