“Sankalpa” – RiverFest 2015

“Sankalpa” is a Sanskrit term composed of 2 root words: “San” meaning “an idea formed in the heart” and “Kalpa” meaning “a way of proceeding”.


In the practice of Yoga, “Sankalpa” is a process of initiating a sacred endeavor: First, the attention is turned inward to reveal one’s highest aspiration, then from this clarified point, an intention is formed serving to guide inspired action and manifestation.


“Sankalpa”- as the interplay of aspiration and inspiration, is a name that captures the sculpture’s dynamic movement and structural design, and reflects the spirit of RiverFest as a celebration of inaugural events, initiative plans, and the expression of our community’s values and resources.


The design of the sculpture symbolizes evolution and transformation through it’s directional movement and gateway passages. The 3 spires and connecting arches metaphorically point to the ascent of aspiration, the descent of inspiration and grace, and the 3 phases of time.


Each “spire” represents the individual growing like a flower, reaching towards the light. This upward movement is made possible only through the downward “rooting” or anchoring into the river bottom.


In the changing river tides and currents, both strength and flexibility is achieved through a “bridging” of arches, representing the sustainability that occurs when we join together in communal collaboration. The arches form 3 gateways signifying Time- Our past history, our present resources and our future initiatives towards growth and development.


We would like to give recognition to every one who volunteered to help create “sankalpa”. It was a true community collaboration and effort.

We give special thanks to :
RiverArts and Sandbox for supporting this project- especially Jodi Bortz, Alex Castro and Zane Carter- who was a visionary spearhead and team leader.
John Spetrino of FK production for engineering, metal fabrication, and Floatation development
Samantha Hollomon – lighting design
Ed Minch -engineering and construction of solar lighting
Duncan Welsh- anchors placement
The dedicated core crew: Tom Sinnott, Tom Lentell, Bill Ghio, Ed Minch, Hunter, Chuck Engstrom
Support crew: Ben Armenger, Brian Toth, Micheal Jenson of Unity Landscaping, Pete Battcock, Austin Reed, Johnston Fortenbaum, Bill Ingersol, Paul Malley, Gary Moll, Jack Brossius, Washington College students

Andy and Leslie Price provided additional sponsorship

We truly enjoyed this creative process and have made many new friendships.

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