This is an opportunity for the client to work along side Vicco to help in the process of creating their commissioned piece of furniture. Vicco will tailor the experience to the fit the individual skill level and interest of the client. Please send inquires by email. Pricing is based on spectrum of the project.
I met Vicco von Voss and was immediately struck by the beauty of his work. My introduction began with a stand-up cherry desk and progressed to a large cedar/copper bird feeder, then a walnut wine rack, a walnut podium, a large cherry picture frame, curly cherry railings with brass spindles, a cherry height stool, and my favorite piece, the “Elli Easel,” which I use for presentations. 


In 2011, Vicco offered me a unique experience to work with him in creating an 18′ cherry and ash ladder (designed after a ship’s ladder) that we would use as the entrance to an interior circular cupola walk around. We worked over five months to complete the ladder. Vicco also empowered me to complete what we call “The Locket,” an exquisite cherry board with a locked safety feature that can fit over rungs of the ladder to discourage my nine grandchildren from climbing the ladder while unattended.


Two decades later, Vicco is still creating beautiful unique wood art for me. I’ve moved to another home and am still enjoying more of Vicco’s art work. He has created cherry railings which grace the entrance of our house. It is home wherever Vicco’s heartfelt art appears and I am grateful for his creativity and friendship.