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Lefrak Timber Frame Installation
Cherry Frame with White Pine Ceiling and Hickory Pegs


This instillation was built into an existing room to add warmth and intrigue to the Virginia home. The most prominent feature of the timber frame is the natural edged tie beams that contrast the crisp lines of the vaulted ceiling arches.   The use of the natural timber was inspired by the Japanese tradition, which aims to bring elements of nature inside the home. The ceiling is a curved barrel vault system that implements the Futtock boat building method. To create each arch, a template is used to cut many naturally curving pieces of wood, which are then assembled into three staggering layers. The barrel vault was covered with contrasting colored, three-inch thick, white pine boards to give the frame a unique look.  The timber-frame is constructed using mortise and tenon, which is both structural and decorative.  Another fine detail is the use of ash pegs to secure the joinery.